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Default Re: J-E-T-S.... Chad gets injured again!

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
There is alot of uproar on the gangreen Jets forum about the conduct of their fans when Pennington was trying to limp to the sideline.

They are rightly embarrassed at their fans performance - booing a guy who was the only real reason the game was close for a half....and then cheering when his replacement came in.

What a bunch of miserable know-nothing a-holes.

i was wondering why you no longer refer to a guy coming off multiple shoulder surgeries with the derrogortory term "noodlearm".

quite the pennington fan now, arent we? im sure the "know-nothing" fans are just fans of the young back up just like mangina is. its not like hed be the first coach to go with a back up qb he loved.

when one team is the whipping boy of another franchise, the fans tend to become agitated. just see brownsfans, who also chanted for the execution style insertion of brady quinn in favor of just watching their team get slaughtered with a qb they were used to watching lose.
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