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Default Re: Mahan, Davis and Colon

Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
I thought Mahan did a great job against Washington's labyrinthian gut.

Didn't see enough of Davis to make a call one way or the other.

Willie Colon is just a bad, bad man - gotta love that in an OL. Just hope he keeps it under control and doesn't hurt us with bad penalties.
Colon is young and needs some games under his belt..but he has almost perfect leverage...he bends at his knees and rolls his hips into the blocks...VERY nice after watching Starks stand up for the last two years.

Mahan seems stronger than I was led to believe he was..and though I saw him get some help from the guards occasionally...he looked like he held his own against Washington when one-on-one.

Carey is still an unknown quality for me....I liked what I saw in pre-season...but didnt see enough last night to form an opinion.
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