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Default Re: Bill Cowhers CBS debut

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
The show I miss is the Sunday night ESPN highlights show that ran after the late game with Berman and Jackson for 20 years.

The NBC show is improved (it had nowhere to go but up) but is still not close to ESPN's show reviewing Sunday's games.

Tiki and Jerome are hopeless.
nfl primetime was a weekend staple for me. it was pure football. i can do without all the added commentary nbc provides. i want pure highlights and 2 people as experienced as tj and boomer to talk about it. hell i could handle it if they threw robin roberts back in the group (maybe that was countdown). while they still break down the games on sportscenter, nothing pisses me off more than a baseball game highlight in between nfl game breakdowns.

on a sidenote, ive heard an interview or 2 shannon sharpe did with cowher on sirius a few years back. they have good chemistry together. i see boomer and cowher trading barbs like terry and jimmy do in fox. of course james brown will be the perfect host. cowher seems much less pompus and more likeable than jimmy. this could be the year they run away with the ratings.
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