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Default Re: If at first you don't succeed...

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
the ravens got screwed? i guess the seahawks got screwed in sb XL then...

but after seeing more replays it doesnt look like heaps arm is extended in a push off. if the penalty were called on heath miller i would probably be upset.

very well could be a bad call.

The contact by Heap never interfered with the momentum of the coverage meaning that he had a fair chance with or without the "hand check." (barely a hand check)

In the Super Bowl the receiver's hand check propelled the momentum of the coverage two fold. The push off happened when the receiver reversed his route sending the coverage in the opposite direction.

An analogy I like is not unlike being in a pool. Start swimming a lap without pushing off the wall. At NFL speed that little push is plenty to be considered illegal contact especially if the push sends the coverage in the opposite direction.


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