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Default Re: ravens vs. bengals

A couple things i noticed during the game

1) Willis McGhee is a good back but not that big of an upgrade from jamal
2) Mark Clayton is not good enough to be a number 1 WR
3) The Ravens D aint what it used to be, Thomas lose seems to have affected
4) Mcnair is going to miss time this season he just always gets injured
5) Boller is a capable back up
6)dont really like there new fullback dont thinks he that good


1) Offense did good but i thought they showed a little off season rust
2) Run defense is still vulnerable
3) not good on 3rd down D
4) rudi is so unclutch wow worst time to fumble
5) they couldnt really establish run game didnt give it a chance

I was watching this game on the Sopcast so the quility wasnt the best plus i was doing my homework at the same time so was paying really close attention so some of my points may be off but that just what i got from what i saw.

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