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Default Steelers Running the Ball on 3rd Down

kirwan just gave a great breakdown how the steelers ran the ball 8 times on 3rd down against the browns. c. wilson picked up 37 yards on 3rd and 7. najeh converted 3 times (once from 3rd and 6). his greatest run of the day was the one where he bounced off 5 defenders. unfortunately he only picked up 6 yards but it was on a 3rd and 7. no way ken or bill would call more than 1 run from 3rd and 6+ in a single game, and everyone knew that 1 play would be a draw to verron.

with the past regime anything above 3rd and 2 was a passing down from shotgun formation it seemed. its pretty evident these 3rd down running lanes on sunday were open because the browns were playing past tendencies and expecting the pass. this unpredictability is going to do wonders for the offense down the line.

kirwan also made a great statement that many come away from that game thinking the steelers "opened it up". not true. they ran the ball 42 times and were very selective and calculating when they threw the ball. with no interceptions and a third of the completions going for touchdowns i have to agree.
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