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Default Re: Steelers vs Bills

According to the local news (I live in Bills country), the locker room mood after last Sunday's game was downcast. If Coach Jauron can get his troops to "win this one for Everett", we could be in for a long day. We also have to be wary about the Bills special teams. This is the one area where the Bills are really good.

Their O is pretty dangerous, since their new running back is the real deal. Loserman to Evans can be dangerous, and Peerlice Price, although getting up there in years, can still be a threat.

Defensively, the Bills are actually worse than the Browns IMO. One of their starting LBs went down in training camp, and his replacement went down last Sunday. They also lost a starting CB and a starting Safety last Sunday. Their only decent defensive lineman (Ellison) is still hurt and won't play. Buffalo's run defense is about as intimidating as Cincinatti's, so Parker should have a field day. They also can't stop a scrambling QB. Don't be surprised if Big Ben gets 50+ yards running.

The only 2 things that worry me about the Bills are their special teams and how they'll react to Everett's injury.
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