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Default Re: 4th and short...

Originally Posted by alittlejazzbird View Post
Forgive my somewhat jaundiced eye, but we'll see how aggressive Coach (or Arians, assuming Tomlin means what he says about letting them do their jobs) is on a 4th and short against, say, Baltimore or New England, if we're trailing in the game. Go for it there, and that's impressive.

We had the Browns in hand from our very first possession. Going for it on fourth down was a much easier decision and it twisted the knife a little, which is always nice. I'm glad they did it too, but still.
Of course it depends on the situation. It depends on the lead, on how much you trust your defense on a given day, on where you are on the field. Going for it on fourth and inches can be stupid, not impressive, in some situations no matter who you are playing--so forgive me, but I would not say that whether or not Tomlin goes for 4th and inches against the Ravens (who didn't look very good last night) or New England will tell us if Tomlin is gutsy.
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