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Default "It is what it is" wednesdays

as 83 steelers pointed out, its hard not to become addicted to all the "tomlinisms" even if theyre regurgitated cowherisms.

for those w/o sirius i highly suggest looking at delhess's links of tomlins weekly spot in the media forum.

pat kirwan asked tomlin how soon he would gather the team and ground them from the emotional high of last weeks win. the man said that had already been adressed im march when he informally met with all the players at the beginning of minis. the players were told that is the way it was gonna be around here. he went on to explain that wednesdays during game weeks are known as "it is what it is wednesdays" because win or lose, no matter what the outcome was from the week was before, wednesday is when they all put it behind them, report to work, and focus on the next opponent.

gotta love it when hes asked about the injury status of the team and his response is "were clean". of course this lingo doesnt mean he's gonna have tons of street cred with the players, but it does show me he's "keepin it real" and has great communication skills with those who he coaches. its no secret that he is young and can relate with those he coaches.

and for those who may worry about him staying grounded, kirwan was simply paying him a compliment and commenting how "exciting it must be for a new head coach coming off his 1st win" upon ending the interview.

tomlin quickly injected "you dont have to worry about that. i got my feet cemented to the ground. i got too much work to do".

very heady response. the man is on his toes despite the "cement" and isnt looking for any accolades or pats on the back. he is all about business.

he was totally unphased about the call to go for it on 4th and inches from midfield. "that was an easy decision" "to be a winning team you gotta be able to make those plays".

he went on to talk about all the "situational football" he preched and practiced in the pre season.

cowher may have done the biggest favor by sticking around an extra year. if he hadnt (and no disrespect intended) we may be stuck with russ or wiz.
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