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Default Re: "It is what it is" wednesdays

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
and thats weird. i watched his press conference today and he wouldnt touch the patriots scandal with a 10 foot pole. he gave the obligitory "thats for the media to speculate about" and "i'll let goodell worry about that" and "im only focused on the bills" answers.

maybe hes a little more candid when he's not feeding the rabid wolves known as the local pittsburgh football writers.
??? - this was his quote at the press conference

"In terms of confirming it, it's never been confirmed in any instances to my knowledge," Tomlin said. "But usually, where there is smoke, there's fire. Those rumors are founded on something. So it's not totally shocking, no."

ESPN picked it up after Ed.B. posted it on the P-G - sounds pretty candid to me, although I admit it does not match LT saying today that with the Patriots if you are not cheating you are not really trying .
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