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Default Woodson's take on Classless Johnson

Was watching NFL Access and they were talking about Class less Ocho ass ho*es escapades on the sidelines last night. Here's what Woodson had to say

" me you gotta have class, he was fun, he's a funny guy I give him that BUT when you go to the sideline and put on a yellow jacket first of all your mocking the Hall of Fame, your doing that and second your not that good yet fella I mean I like you Chad but your not in the Hall of Fame and your not even close yet if Art Monk's not in your not even close to being in. So to me take some of that money and buy you some class!!!"

Thank you Woodson!!

What I did notice in the clip is all his Cincinnati cronies the ball boys, the guys that carry the jock straps the shoe guys were all around him yucking it up and encouraging him. Why doesn't it surprise me that Lewis puts up with that crap. Could you see that happening on the Steelers sidelines...I don't think so.
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