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Default Re: Steelers vs Bills

I agree with the people that said that stopping Lee Evans will be a big challenge for us. He's so fast that he can make DBs look slow, so we need to make sure to shut him down. I think Marshawn Lynch will make a difference, but I don't see him having too big a game against us. The key will also be to limit mistakes, play a solid game with a good mix of run and pass. Get Big Ben warmed up and doing positive things instead of negatives.

Oh, and how Edman mentioned the Raiders loss last year, I think we would have had a much better chance of winning that game if Cowher would have started Charlie Batch instead of making Big Ben play the week after a concussion. Batch has proved with his play for the past few seasons as our backup that he deserves to get a chance to play when needed. Players with injuries don't need to be rushed back too fast, especially something as major as a concussion.

I know I went a little off topic, so sorry about that.
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