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Originally Posted by WWIIOwheelz View Post
I've thought about this, because it's repetitive enough to be noticeable. Given his background at William & Mary, it seems out of place, but I think I may know the culprit for his use of the that word-- his very first job coaching was at Virginia Military Institute as the wide receivers coach. VMI is military protocol first, athletics a distant second. I went to high school with an all-region wrestler and football player who went there, and he became hard as nails while a cadet.

I'll bet the head coach there referred to his players as "men" strictly, and that Tomlin picked it up there. Just a guess on my part.
I always thought the same thing. I'm sure thats not the only thing he picked up there. Wearing all black in the August heat of St. Vincent seems a very military "mental toughness" sort of thing.
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