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Default Re: Tomlin focuses on penalties

Originally Posted by Dino 5 Rings View Post
I love Ward, its just hits like that, "borderline" or "late" could cost the team 15 yards at a bad time in a key game. If you allow that penalty to be over looked, or tell Ward, "its ok, I didn't hear the whistle either" you're dooming yourself to late hits by other players.

Last year that plagued our team as much as Ben's interceptions. Late hits, 15 yard penalties must be prevented. Tomlin will surely address this with Ward. Not in a negative way, more along "Keep your head in the game, listen for the whistle, be a professional on every play." kind of way. Just a reminder that its a bad thing to start doing or thinking you can get away with.
I hear you, Dino. Personally, I can live with penalties like the one Hines received much more easily than the STUPID celebration penalties that cost us 15 yards several times last year. I can live with aggressive penalties, not boneheaded celebration penalties. However, like Tomlin, I would prefer to see no penalties at all.
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