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Default Re: We sure make our opponents look good

teams have always been able to pass on us at will.. Why they don't continue to do so throughout the whole game is beyond me but fortunate for us they don't.. Otherwise we would be losing alot more games than we do.. I don't think we 1 time forced an incomplete pass tonight.. It was either complete, or uncatchable.. Our secondary sucks so bad I almost can't watch pass plays anymore.. And I don't know how many times it takes to figure out that we should be using ALL the secondary to cover the pass rather than blitz them over and over.. We sacked Wright like 2 times I think and both were lineman yet we blitzed over and over and over again.. Maybe if we'd keep the guys in the secondary where they belong we wouldn't have looked so piss poor..... Rothy was having a crap night to.. I almost wanted Batch in there at the end of the 1st half.. He's trying to play hurt and plus he was just not in the zone.. The run game was stopped a couple times but not enough to just shut it down.. I can't believe we completely did the opposite of last week against the bengals.. Hopefully they learned a lesson from this game and go back to good ol know how and POUND THE FOOTBALL!!!
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