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Default Re: Should the outcome have been a surprise?

This was a classic hangover game for the Steelers, and the Rats played inspired football because this was their Super Bowl.

As for people saying that we always play down to our competition, I don't believe that was quite the case against Tennessee or Houston.

It KILLS me how negative people can get after a game in which the Steelers don't play up to their potential. It happens to every team in the NFL on occasion. Hell, the Super Bowl champs last year got their asses handed to them by the bottom-feeding Dolphins last year, and how much of an impact did that really have on the Pats season?

It wasn't their best game, Ben didn't look healthy, and the defense was just average. However, Baltimore really only put together 2 nice drives, and only one of them was a TD drive and that was an early scripted drive. They got some points off TO's (including the botched punt), and thier kicker played the game of his life. Bottom line, we shake the hangover off and go stomp the Pack in Green Bay next week...
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