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Default Alex (the research parrot) found dead

many of you may know him from his discovery channel specials, where he identifies "truck" and "wool".

Alex's advanced language and recognition skills revolutionized the understanding of the avian brain. After Pepperberg bought Alex from an animal shop in 1973, the parrot learned enough English to identify 50 different objects, seven colors, and five shapes. He could count up to six, including zero, was able to express desires, including his frustration with the repetitive research.

i've owned alot of pets throughout the years and none have had the personality and cognitive abilities of my bird.

just to have an animal that will address you in a human voice by your name is pretty amazing (let alone knowing the names of the rest of the family.)

many have believed that is just a product of repetition and mimicking, but the research alex provided (about 8 hrs a day for 30 years) showed these animals possess true cognitive abilities.

it was only fitting this story was found in the obituaries as opposed to "strange news".
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