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Default Re: 4th and short...

Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer View Post
I liked the agressive playcalling. When it came time for that big desicision
And this is hopefully not just a good time to take advantage of a 17 point lead. I strongly believe MT is projecting what is becoming (or always has been) fundamental in his approach to the game.

The last time I witnessed intently this kind of (potentially) fundamental change is when Pete Carroll took not only the head coaching job at USC but eventually took control of everything football at Tailback U. Truly no small feat with that superangry hyper-egomaniac Mike Garrett in control of athletic operations.

PC made going on fourth down POLICY and did it without reluctance. The players like it. The fans LOVE IT. And the opponent eventually found this inconvenience not only annoying but fatal.

The ever so not slight difference is this is not the NCAA. And having more weapons than the DOD also makes life-threatening fourth down calls a lot easier. But in YEAR ONE and GAME ONE...

hell yeah...let's be stoked. And no knock on BC but rather a recognition by MT that we must change with the changes in the workforce or find a spot in the unemployment line.
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