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Default Re: We sure make our opponents look good

Originally Posted by 24seven
.. Our secondary sucks so bad I almost can't watch pass plays anymore..
Dude, come on, Admins, I really think you should ban posting for like three days after a steeler game to avoid these kind of comments LOL

Last week EVERYONE was all over the secondary for being AWESOME. I was reading comparsions to Lake, Perry, Woodson, Figures......but this week, after one more game, its the "secondary sucks" ???? The Steelers have given up 5 TD passes all year...thats second in the NFL, but they suck? They are in the middle of the pack in the other categories, but the bottom line is they don't give up many TD's and thats a huge stat......the secondary didn't have one of their best nights last night (primarily due to the lack of pressure on the QB), but they still did not play awful.
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