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Originally Posted by Bobby Socks View Post
A disgrace to black people? How dare you say that!!! Michael Vick has given back so much to his community. Michael came from nothing to become an NFL star. He is a true role model for children. Dogfighting is part of his culture. The dogs he killed failed to perform in the fighting ring. What was he supposed to do with them, turn them loose so they could maul people? Vick may have broken the law but as I said before being black and famous made him a target. That's why the feds are handling the case, and not the local police. It's not like he was killing people.
I'm sorry, but he is no role model. Unless you want your children to become murderers. And don't give me this "Dogfighting is part of his culture" bull. I was raised around ****fighting, and I know and believe it is wrong. I would never participate, even though it is part of my "culture". And about the "what was he suppose to do with them" about NOT RAISE THEM TO FIGHT AND KILL OTHER DOGS IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

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