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Default Re: I'm not buying what Vick is selling

Originally Posted by Bobby Socks View Post
Dogfighting is part of his culture. Yes, it is illegal, but Vick is black and famous. That makes him a target for racist law enforcement. The local police should be handling this, not the feds. Whats worse is that the NFL has suspended him and he lost his endorsements. How is he supposed to make a living? I hope he gets probation, and the NFL reinstates him. If that happens I will be laughing at you when he is winning Super Bowls with his new team. With faith in Jesus I'm sure Michael can get through this.
I'd like to believe that our society has evolved. Critical thinking, including problem solving and knowing what is viewed as right from wrong, comes from education and common sense.

Vick has absolutely no excuse! He attended college, and is part of a league that has recently made things crystal clear on their personal conduct rules. The behaviour of many NFL players, and those consequences, should have served Vick as a deterent to his violations. He bought property, purposefully built a hidden dog training area, bought dogs for only one reason - killing, participated in the training, assessment, and killing of dogs (one at a time he participated in electrocuting a dog, drowning a dog while it was alive) who chose not to kill others, arranged a gambling ring to profit from the killings, knowing all along that this was illegal! Once caught, he lied to the police, the feds, the commissioner of the NFL (face to face), the Falcons team owner, and to all his fans. This is a long process with malice aforethought! He repeated his actions for many years!

This is a person who knew he was wrong, that's why he hid that area of his property, then blamed it on his family for taking advantage! He doesn't even care about his own family! What an ASS! Again, there is no excuse!

Is it cultural to lie, cheat and then kill, watch more killings, lie more, blame your family, and lie again to your boss and the police? Hell no!

I see two years in prison, two years suspension from the NFL, once he gets out, then he must apply for reinstatement, with proven behavioral changes prior to playing again. Then any team who takes a chance on him will be tarnished. Make him play in the CFL, or earn his living some other way, like a common criminal.

Our society has laws. Vick must obey them! We all have choices in life, and he made multiple decisions to do wrong! The consequences are for his repeated actions, and his personal choices. He may be getting off easily campared to those actions!
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