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Default Re: I'm not buying what Vick is selling

Originally Posted by Bobby Socks View Post
Dogfighting is part of his culture. Yes, it is illegal, but Vick is black and famous. That makes him a target for racist law enforcement. The local police should be handling this, not the feds. Whats worse is that the NFL has suspended him and he lost his endorsements. How is he supposed to make a living? I hope he gets probation, and the NFL reinstates him. If that happens I will be laughing at you when he is winning Super Bowls with his new team. With faith in Jesus I'm sure Michael can get through this.
So, by this argument, you are saying that if a KKK member lynched a black man, he deserves special consideration because "It's part of his culture"? Perhaps we should be concerned about that Klan members well being, too? Laughable.

First off, Mike Vick already made more money than probably any 20 posters here will make in their whole lives combined, and he made that money by playing the QB position poorly, and by being a horrible human being off the field. Secondly....oh, wait. I've been had. This isn't real. My bad. I actually thought you were serious until I read the Jesus stuff at the end. That in and of itself I can see, but altogether? Only way a serious poster posts this is if they are in 3rd grade.
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