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Default Re: Steelers Regret Not Taking Posluszny?

How did I know people would make this argument? Poz is already starting in Buffalo and Timmons is only on special Poz MUST be better, right?

Wrong. While Im not saying Timmons is better, you cant say Poz is better after one game.

Poz went to a team that was not nearly as talented in the front 7. We had James Harrison waiting in the wings to take over. The Steelers drafted Timmons to bring versatility to the defense. A player that could play in both the 3-4 and 4-3. With his injury, he was also at a disadvantage.

Also, while Poz was much more polished coming out of college, Timmons has much more upside. If the Steelers were in the Bills position where they needed an immediate replacement, Poz wouldve been the better selection. As it is, I think Timmons could pay off much better. He just turned 21 so he has a long time to progress.

Poz could end up being better, but at this point its stupid to question it. Two different situations. 4 or 5 years, we can talk about it.
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