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Default Re: NFL To Fine Belichick 500 Grand + Draft Picks

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
Well, I don't believe there to be such a huge distinction in employing lip-readers and guys with binoculars and having a guy with a video recorder.

It all seems a little ridiculous that the Patriots have been heavily punished for essentially using slightly higher spec technology.

When I see the self righteousness by other teams fans, I think its because they believe that the Patriots have been caught trying to get other teams signals - while also believing that no other team does the exact same thing.

This is totally wrong.

What the Patriots did was use an illegal method to try and obtain the same information others team do.

I guarantee you, alot of the guys spouting off with opinions don't realise that the Steelers devote as much time as anyone else to trying to steal their opponents signals and protect their own.
LITP - the Pats flipped off the league office, which sent out a memo, afer they got caught pulling this crap in Green Bay, to cut it out. If they do not like the rules, then change the rules. Until then, obey the rules.

Belichick's claim he did not know the rules is nonsense - it is like being pulled over for speeding , claiming you did not see a speed limit sign posted, getting a warning from the cop, then pulling away from the cop and immediately resuming breaking the speed limit. IMO Goodell should have waited and had someone break down sideline tape of every game since Green Bay to see how often the "video assistant" was on the Pats sidline with video camera in tow, after calling in the video operator to ask him how often he did it & who told him to do it since Green Bay..

Or, to use another analogy, it is like getting harsher discipline the second time you violate the league's substance abuse policy (oh, wait, that is not a good analogy - the second time you violate the substance abuse policy it is a mandatory suspension, not a fine)

Typical arrogance by Belichick (and by Kraft for not telling him to quit, but since Belichick wins Kraft presumably would not care what Belichick does). His petty crap such as shoving photographers, cursing out the Steelers trainer who came on the field to help an injured Pats player, and playing games with the injury report each week finally caught up with him. Those are not sanctionable offenses but they are indicative of Belichick's attitude that the rules applied to mere mortals do not apply to him.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
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