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Default Re: NFL To Fine Belichick 500 Grand + Draft Picks

Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer View Post
Oh I know this.

Here is my take:

With binoculars, many times it's still a hazy image and you can only "zoom in" so far. And if the coordinator is in the booth, just about forget seeing him..
If I want to see something at a distance, with clarity - I use binoculars - thats what binoculars do.

They don't show things up as hazy at all.

Scientists use telescopes (basically a single version of binoculars) to look at the stars - they don't use video camera's.

Last I heard these viedo camera's weren't equipped with x-ray vision, so if the co-ord stays in a booth it doesn't what you use to look at him - you won't see him.

Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer View Post
However with a video camera, they can really zoom in. There is no guessing whatsoever on the signals or the lip reading. It's very clear and crisp. Also, they videotape can be reviewed at halftime to make better adjustments to the defense than someone using binaculars and a notepad..
Like I said, with binoculars you can zoom in - and I bet to a better degree than with a video camera.

Where we agree is that videotape is much easier reviewed at half time - the Patriots used the videotape to do what other teams were trying to do from written notes and memory.

Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer View Post
And what makes this worse, is that Goodell warned ALL TEAMS (not all teams but the Patriots), that it is against the rules to videotape defensive and offensive signals. I doubt there was much "gray area" for Bellicheat to get confused. He's a very smart guy, look at what he has done as a coordinator and HC, I doubt he's easily confused as he's trying to get the media to think..
Without a doubt. Belichick has been punished, and punsihed hard, for ignoring the words of Goodell.

Of course he knew exactly what he was doing, but the guy is stubborn and more than likey thought he could just keep on doing it.

The argument BB would be presenting would probably be similar to mine - everyone is stealing signals but the Patriots have been caught making a permanent record of it.

Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer View Post
He was blatently thumbing his nose at the rules and the new commish. I think this should be the punishment:

Bellicheat is suspended for the Jets game in Foxborough, and if they meet in the playoffs, Bellicheat is suspended for that game as well.

No draft picks at all on the first day. Jets get draft picks as long as it doesn't add up to more than the 10 maximum allowed per draft.

If caught again, Bellicheat gets suspended without pay for the rest of season, the team is not allowed any on-field credentials beyond coaching and training staff, their game tape to be reviewed is given to them by the league, and the Patriot's orginization gets the fine of $5 million.
Again, I agree.

BB has been punished for assuming Goodell wouldn't clamp down so hard.

Where you lose me again, is your ridiculous levels of punishment - but then you are a fan of a rival team, I doubt you would have thought it 'over-the-top' if the Patriots had been docked their 1st rounder for the next 10 years.

The Bronco's got caught cheating the salary cap and they forfeited only a 3rd rounder - I think thats a worse crime.

What gets people so excited is that they think that the Patriots are the only ones stealing signals from the oppsoition - everyone is doing it.

The Patriots just did it the wrong way.
They've been great for a while now, three Super Bowls' worth of great. But only this season have the New England Patriots become The Show, the must-see team of stars, pretty boys and reformed bad boys. Suddenly, the Patriots are not simply great; they're compelling, fascinating, appearing to be almighty and a touch lawless.
The Patriots didn't bother with swagger to start this NFL season; they went straight to defiant. Either you're one of them or you're about to get crushed.
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