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Default Re: Woodson's take on Classless Johnson

Originally Posted by CantStop85 View Post
A former steeler classifying a bengals player as classless...really? You don't say.

Classless in my opinion is taking steroids in order to gain an advantage (merriman), spying on other teams' signals (patriots), getting arrested multiple times (henry and pac man), but not doing a silly touchdown celebration.

As far as Chad's chances of going into the Hall of Fame, if he keeps up his production to somewhere near where it's been the last 3 years, when his contract expires in 2011 he'll be somewhere near 6th on the all-time receiving list. If he has a few more decent years in the tank after that, he'll definitely have the stats to argue for a place in the hall of fame. However, the only real way for him to guarantee a spot is to win a Super Bowl...something that remains to be seen.

As far as my take on the wasn't as exciting as promised and I thought it was pretty silly anyway. I would've rather he just done nothing at all. However, as long as he isn't drawing team penalties on the celebrations and he's getting in the end zone to do them, I could really care less. I'm just glad he was smart enough to walk over to the sidelines before he did it.
If Art Monk isn't in the hall of fame, CJ NEVER gets in.

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