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Default Re: Last Fan Standing.

Originally Posted by SteelerManiacXLII View Post
We still gotta keep those votes coming!!!
Not necessary, Maniac - Steelers superfan won yesterday.

Last Fan Standing: Pittsburgh superfan wins!
Sep. 14, 2007

The Steelers' path to the first Last Fan Standing title is now complete.

Our modest Joe-blow in Latrobe was our first superfan way back when in late July, one of our most cerebral and thanks to a fervent Steelers nation throughout the Internet, the winner of our first Last Fan Standing competition.

After nearly 70,000 votes, he eekes out the win by less than 2 percent of the total vote. It was a valiant effort from our Giants fan, Kevin Conway, and his support group of family, friends, drinking buddies and anonymous New York area supporters. But Steelers nation proved too formidable a foe at the polls.

Yes people lost track of what they were voting for. Yes it became about New York vs. Pittsburgh census numbers and yes it became about which fan website was posting links to the poll. Not the original mission, but the end result nonetheless. Community member Missimiss sums up the competition, and all its flaws, nicely:

"It's not about what "team" has the most fans, or what "team" is better ... this is about which fan know's his stuff, is most dedicated. Steelers may have a large fan base but you don't realize Kevin has a large fan base. Just like the steelers it has been posted on every site imaginable, the word been spread! You can't imagine how many unemployed, alcoholics, ppl with no lives sitting in front of computer day and night. You want to talk about numbers, do you know how many ppl live in a city block in NY!!! LOL!!!"

Unemployed? Alcoholics? People with no lives sitting in front of a computer? We always guessed that was our demographic; now we know it really is!

Seriously, congrats go out to Steelers fan Steve Gilligan (sp?; we lost the actual spelling somewhere in the madness of training camp. We apologize) and good luck with the season. Thanks to everyone for participating and keep an eye out for Pete Prisco, Clark Judge and Mike Freeman at your team's training camp site next season. Superfan out.

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