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Default Re: Roethlisberger/Arians on same page

Originally Posted by ExtonSteelFan View Post
How come every time an article is posted on here there's someone right there waiting to jump on ANY potential negative comment that was made by Ben? Everyone's got an opinion which I understand, but I don't think that particular point was really that obvious in an article which clearly focused on the positive points of Ben's first game.

Atlanta Dan, I mean no disrespect, but I'm just curious why you pointed that out in this particular article? I didn't pull anything negative out of Ben's statements.
this past week, even tomlin was throwing water on the possible impending firestorm that ben is the offensive coordinator and arians is his "yes man".

even ben has come out to clarify that hes not really sitting in helping put together a gameplan, but more sitting in and learning and getting better insight when, where and why coaches are doing certain things and drawing up certain plays. ben said that its still arians who calls all the plays and blocking schemes.

ben shouldnt have to clarify this. ben simply has the abilities to check out of a play that arians calls if he sees a defensive shift or a blitz coming. however, ben is so overjoyed about his new responsibilities he cant keep from talking to the media about it and the media is making it like he is the next bradshaw or kelly running the whole show himself. hes not there yet, but possibly in the next 5 years. that remains to be seen.
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