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Default Are the first two pieces of evidence now presented?

Exhibit A: Brady Quinn. A lot of knocks against the guy, but he has looked really, really good so far in his NFL situations. What if he's not worse than the hype, but better? Humor me here for a second.
Exhibit B: Charlie Weis. His whole gig is based upon his success in NE. He said that there was no WAY he would ever go back to the NFL, then he signed a 10 year extension at ND. He did this while Quinn was his QB.

Quinn is gone, and the Patriots knew all the defensive plays of their opponents. Weis has sucked as the coach at ND, and is really exposed right now. Could it be that Charlie parleyed his cheating into a huge payday and is now just a sham? What about Romeo Crennel? He's certainly not the second coming of Vince Lombardi. If the Pats lose bad tomorrow, then we will all find out exactly just how deep this whole thing runs.

Or, it could all be a tempest in a teapot.
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