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Default Re: Roethlisberger/Arians on same page

Through my pastoral instincts at detecting Satanic messages backmasked into heavliy metal, I have noticed a few discreet messages in AD's last post. To keep this forum safe, let me expose those now!

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Sorry for the tone of my post - thanks for making me see the light (Careful, there is a hint of sarcasm here !)

I am glad Cowher and Whiz are gone (backmasked into this sentence... Cuz my team.. The CLEVELAND BROWNS WILL GET HIM!) since they did not let Ben comment on the play calling, refused to let him work overtime at the practice facilities, and told him to throw the ball into coverage last year rather than throw it away

I am glad Ben responded to Tomlin saying his new role in the offense was being overemphasized by saying Tomlin did not know what went on last year, given that Tomlin does not have Ben's work ethic or attention to detail and obviously would not have asked the assistants or management who have remained how anything was handled under the old regime - Tomlin should just ask Ben how things went on last year since we know Ben will never shade the facts

By criticizing Ben I obviously am a secret Ravens/Pats fans - true fans only criticize players when they lose. (see, this is a classic move. Openly state the truth in a sacrastic manner, to throw off those not as adept at backmasking and subtle truths! Don't worry guys and gals... I am on it!)

In all seriousness - we just disagree on this (WOW... If you read carefully, you will see... We just disagree... because I am a RAVENS Fan. Now, I don't know why he switched from being a Browns fan... Maybe he wasn't a diehard fan? Next, he will be rooting for the Texans!)

As I said in my original post, I simply do not like it when jocks (or attorneys, or doctors, or salespeople, or other individuals) need to let you know how hard they are working, how much they are contributing, and feel some need to keep taking shots at ex-colleagues (e.g. - "We joked last year, we'd talk to 'Whiz' (former offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt) and tell him what we (as quarterbacks) liked and didn't like," Roethlisberger said. "And the plays we liked never got called and the plays we didn't like always were called") (See... He KNEW I was on to him.. and didnt want any of you to know just HOW HARD I worked to pick this stuff apart!)

Speak well of your co-workers and let them be the source of praise for your work.
Hopefully Ben will get the message that Tomlin apparently wants him to cool it on all the comments about his role with the offense.

Preacher-- Working hard to keep this forum safe from rival backmasking!!!!
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