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Default Re: injury update on big ben/ why the injuries?

Originally Posted by BIGBENFASTWILLIE
i dasagree
Look at the all the time that Anthony Wright had to drop back and throw the ball.
Ben did not get that kind of protection.
Our offensive line is one of the very best every year.
And this year they look to be below average..
Even Alan F. has looked shitty in a few games.
They need to get it together or ben is gonna miss a few games this year.
the ravens kept t. heap in to max protect for a. wright. the steelers couldve done the same with h. miller but then we wouldnt see the 2 td's fans have been calling for. heath being out there catchin passes comes at a cost of extra protection for ben. up to this point it seems alot of people would like to see him more in the passing game. i dont wanna see him put up 145 yds like a. gates. h. ward, c. wilson and el are getting paid to do that. as valuable heath is in the field, hes just as valuable on the line.
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