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Default Linbackers Need To Step It Up

As was noted in the Post-Gazete today, the leading tacklers on Monday were Troy, Hope & Taylor, which is not a good sign - I have been disappointed in the OL most of the season but after watching 7 games the defensive play is noticeably worse than last year, with the LBs appearing to be the cause. Max protect is a nice excuse for no pass rush, but Porter in particular was consistently locked up by Jonathan Ogden

Farrior, while still a force, is not repeating his MVP season of last year and Porter gives every sign of having entered the Jason Giildon zone of quickly dropping from perennial Pro Bowler to upcoming salary cap casualty. Hopefully Foote & Farrior will step it up & figure out how to cover pass routes across across the middle, but with Haggans back I would like to see more Harrison & Haggans on the field together while the coaches figure out what to do with Porter.
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