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Default Re: Bungals vs Browns (hahaha)

Originally Posted by touchdownward View Post
Post of the day from a bengals forum. Warning: Naughty Language Content.

"WTF EVER, Cleveland is garbage and you and I both know it. Don't dress it up like they're going to be some cinderella team they suck. Sad thing is that doesn't say good things about our team we suck equally and aren't doing sh*t this season. 8-8 would be a successful season for this team we have the worst defense in the entire NFL horrible embarrassing and down right terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This team is like having a virgin ***** for a girl friend. They let you go all the way to 3rd base and damn near get laid and then stand up and kick you in your balls right before you go for home. That's the way this team is they get your hopes up just to the next week show you what they're truly made of. F**k the Bengals I'm so tired of them letting me down the last twenty years."

Looks like the wheels are falling off the Bungles bandwagon!
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