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Default Re: Most Overrated and Underrated players

Originally Posted by AllAmericanSteelerGirl#7
HinesWard4Life- I see where you are coming from about Tom Brady. What I really meant to say was that the whole Patriots team was overrated. I mean come on, a "dynasty?" The only true dynasty there ever was, was the 70's Steelers. A '"true" dynasty is when a team sticks together throughout all of the years they go to the SuperBowl. That means same players and same coaches. Patriots are not a true dynasty. But I am sorry about saying Tom Brady, I meant to say the Patriots in general.

(And yes, that is my name:) )
The Pats are a dynasty. 3/4 = dynasty. Especially in the FA era. Not even the mighty 70s Steelers or 49ers of the 80s won 3 outta 4. That is a dynasty. A dynasty has nothing to do with players. A dynasty is winning the big game over and over again.
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