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Default Re: Steelers vs Bills

Originally Posted by Billiever View Post
Nobody outside of that rancid city cares about or wants to watch your pathetic team (unless they are playing the Bills, of course)
You guys are like the Browns or the Cardinals....I mean, the Steelers aren't even the best NFL team in the state of Pennsylvania....Maybe they should move the franchise to LA or something.
WTF are you smoking? 5 Super Bowl Wins.... Compared to the "iggles".... Who have a record of: 488-534-25 and NO Championships. Whereas the Steelers All time record is: 533-511-21 and 5 Super Bowl wins.

So...yup, the Steelers are not the best NFL team in the state of PA. Did you you grow up watching Philadelphia sports or something as a kid as nobody can be THIS stupid without doing so. Some of the most delusional sports fans in the history of sports.

So who is the best PA team in the NFL? San Fran? Chicago? Cleveland?

2 and 0.
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