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Default A Few Observations from the Bills game...

1.)Ben played OK. I was disappointed in his inability to finish as well as his completion percentage early on, but he righted himself as the game progressed. The INT was retarded. Should have never been thrown, especially with a wide open Heath Miller underneath.
2.)Parker played really well. Didn't fumble for the first time in his last 5 games, so that was nice.
3.)WRs did a great job of getting open. The ball was spread around nicely. 9 different guys catching passes. Ward and Washington with a slight case of butterfingers. Concentrate!
4.)O-Line did a nice job. Consistent push and movement.
5.)Defense was great. Harrison with the abuse of Peters. Got underneath his pads and walked him all the way back. These 6'0" LBs may be a strength. Larry Foote had himself a game. One of the most solid guys on the "D". Makes every play he's supposed to make. Secondary did a great job.
6.)If I had to grade Tomlin he'd get a "B-" based of his inability to throw the GOD DAMN FLAG! Tomlin and his crew cost us big yards and 3 points. He has to have better situational awareness.
7.)It was nice watching Supelveda and his 2 punts. He sure was worth that 4th and 6th rounder. Meanwhile Randy Moss tortured that Chargers for over 100 yards and 2 TDs. It's OK, Holmes is better than Moss right?
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