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Default Re: Going to PITTSBUGH

Prayers and good thoughts for your grandfather, verks. Be sure to let us know how it goes.

On a happier note, have fun at the game! I've never been to one myself, and am extremely jellus of you on that point.

(Didn't you go to a playoff game or the SB or something last year? I believe you mentioned it in another thread some time back and I would be interested in any details you might want to share... I would PM you about it but I'm not allowed to PM people yet.)

Don't know much about Pgh attractions - have hardly ever been to Pgh proper. There is the zoo/aquarium and the Carnegie Science center, of course....there is also some kind of sandwich (can't remember the name) which has cole slaw and fries and everything else piled on it - that might be more to your liking... I am sure others can be more helpful on that score.

Again, best wishes that your granddad's operation goes smoothly!
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