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Default Re: Steelers have proven little

Originally Posted by fansince'76 View Post
Normally, I wouldn't either - but we didn't just beat them. We kicked their asses. We caused one team to trade their starting QB. Besides, we didn't set the schedule, the league office did. What ticks me off are the Colts being favored year after year after year when they get handed an annual schedule of mostly inferior teams, but we clobber inferior teams (as we're supposed to do), and we "haven't proven anything." Whatever.
Great post, Gary, and I agree with you 100% here. The score yesterday didn't even come close to telling the tale of how badly we beat down the Bills.

As long as the Steelers continue to play as they have the past two weeks with everyone giving 150% as they have been - they don't have to prove a damned thing to me. I sense a much stronger confidence in this group of guys this season than I have the past couple of seasons and that confidence beams like a neon light on the field, but most importantly, in the final score.

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