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Default Re: At this point in the season

Originally Posted by alittlejazzbird View Post
It has to happen sometime, but I think the specifics of how the loss happens will determine the reaction. If it's due to shoddy execution and Ben making poor decisions, then I think you're right. If it's a hard fought, well played game where it's close but we come up a little short, maybe not so much outrage.
I wish I could share your feelings on that, but I think in those two cases the reaction will either be bad, or worse, respectively. After all, we blow away our first two opponents, but "we haven't played anybody yet." Let's face it, it's hard being the Steelers' HC - as fans we, by and large, are very stingy with the praise but overgenerous with the criticism, and the same goes with the media. But I hope you're right. Besides, I don't think Tomlin cares what the fans/media think about him, and that's good.
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