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Default Re: At this point in the season

Originally Posted by fansince'76 View Post
I wish I could share your feelings on that, but I think in those two cases the reaction will either be bad, or worse, respectively. After all, we blow away our first two opponents, but "we haven't played anybody yet." Let's face it, it's hard being the Steelers' HC - as fans we, by and large, are very stingy with the praise but overgenerous with the criticism. But I hope you're right. Besides, I don't think Tomlin cares what the fans/press think about him, and that's good.
I definitely agree with your assessment of how hard we tend to be on the team -- coaches AND players, IMO -- and how critical we are when we don't like their performance. It doesn't help that Tomlin came in after the 2006 "letdown" season, and that after two seemingly dominating performances this season, the expectations are rising exponentially. This team will lose sometime this season. We don't know where and when yet, but they will, unless they plan to replace the '72 Dolphins (hope springs eternal, right?).

Even so, I don't think the fans or the media will slam Tomlin for that first loss, unless as I said before it's a poorly executed game and/or there are obvious coaching errors (clock management, questionable play calling, etc.). If the loss is obviously a result of poor game planning and preparation -- something that already is unthinkable to me given what appears to be Tomlin's amazing organizational and prep skills -- and coaching issues directly cause or contribute to the loss, then he will definitely take the heat, and lots of it.

Not that, as you so astutely noticed, Tomlin will care in the least what any of us think! Come to think of it, that's probably one of the best attributes a Steelers head coach could ever possess -- a VERY thick skin.
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