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Default Re: We are a VERY young football team

Originally Posted by BB2W
Just to clear things up...
Dude, if you could see his feet in that image then maybe, get an angle that shows his feet right before it shows his hand go down.

That was a bad-reffed game on both ends. You guys even had some personal fouls for hitting out of bounds and spiking the balls that shouldn't have been called. I'm not denying that you were the better team that day, especially to come into our house and run all over us. I'm just saying that your cornerbacks can't stop Chad, just like our defense can't stop Bettis or Parker.

I could make a better case for the Packers shutting Chad down. maybe that's why Marvin ripped his list, to save him the embarassment of having to check yes for that game.

You're right, Chad didn't score on that last one, I just threw that in to see if you were paying attention.
But they still didn't shut him down..

The best thing about the division is that we'll see you again, and this next it will pretty much have the playoffs on the line.
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