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Default Re: Week 2 Highlights

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
just some things i noticed-

-2 of steve smiths 3 td's were freakish in nature. breaking a 4 man tackle is insane.

-s. janikowski kicked a 52 yd fg and the ball hit the TOP of the upright. it woulda been good from 75 yards!

-paul posluszny has one hell of a nose for the ball. he seemed to be in on every tackle. there was talk we needed bobby carpenter the year before. poz is better. a #15 pick on him would not have been wasted.

-anthony gonzalez has glue for hands. he made a catch between 2 defenders yesterday that p. manning didnt have no business throwing, (and probably only he could complete).

-if i had 1 game to win, i would take brett favre at the age of 40 over carson palmer at his current age, any day. carson has all the measurables, tools, and physical traits. but he just doesnt have "it".

through the 7 games tomlin has been coach, the defense has allowed 16 points (maybe its 20) in the 1st half. its too much to ask the steelers to pitch a shut out in their 1st 2 games, but by all means they could be pitching shut outs. b. keisel, who is becoming a walking soundbite, revealed that their gameplan against the bills was pretty "vanilla", and they really didnt show any defensive packages that are still "secret" and being held for the future.

what else stood out ? (or discuss any of the above)

(2nd time in a week i put an nfl thread in the locker room)
i noticed the bengals suck....
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