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Default New Year, New Ben Roethlisberger

REAL QUESTION IS HOW MANY OF US HAD A HORRIBLE FEELING WHEN BEN THROUGH THAT PICK. I WAS LIKE OH NO. HERE WE GO LOL. i didnt say that but i deffinately was thinking it... was SO happy to see ben bounce back. he would have thrown 3 last year. this year he throws one and recognises it was a Gamble and goes on to just plain Lead his team down the field many a drive. I really like Ben, Such huge Character coming from that guy in my opinion. Wish him and the Team all the best. The thing is, I WONT, from now on Get all Queezy when he throws a INT, it happens and when it does it Shows MAD character to bounce back and not Freaking Tripple Clutch and take a Sack cause your Second guessing yourself... I Saw JP losman do that once yesterday and was like... WOW... im so happy to have Ben At QB. it may be a Confidence thing, that JP can attain. Ben Has it. Can it be Shaken or Stripped from him... Yes When Traumatic things Happen it can mess your Mind up. Last Season was an example of Trauma effecting Bens Psyche. I AM sure of this now. I mean when you have a Good training Camp, a Good pre season and everyone around you saying man your Great and this and that. He has to take that and start believeing it. Last year lol not many around him were praising him by the 8th week. Im sure he was second guessing himself if only a little, even a little hesitation can mess you up in this league i do see that now. So, Barring Injury or personal problems in his off the Field Life i expect him to Ride his High. That means good things for Pittsburgh Offense. And if he has a Bunch of great games. Last season is gonna fade from his mind more and more. Lets hope for the best, If you see ben around the City Damn Tell him you respect him and wish him all the best and you know he can do it. cause damn if he dont already know im sure more and more good things said and expirenced by him is only gonna help him get back to 100%. maybe 105% cause he young and can still get better.
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