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Default Re: Relevant point about Patriots cheating

Originally Posted by geo111 View Post
As much as I would like to see the Patriots image tarnished forever, I do not think its going to happen. I think that the NFL wants to get this over as soon as possible.

I listen to the NFL channel on Sirius a lot. and since the cheating came out, it seems that the (unofficial) theme has been that every team tries to figure out their opponents play calling system. It is almost like they want to lessen the impact of Belichicks actions.

On Friday, during the Afternoon Blitz, Jim Miller said that after the Steelers let him go, Jack Del Rio got him to teach the Jaguars about the Steelers system.

According to Miller, he was so successfull, that after the Jags beat the Steelers, he was awarded the game ball.
But that happens all the time and is completely understandable. If you can get a turncoat on board who knows the system (cough cough Brian St. Pierre) it makes the oppositions job a lot easier, but that is NOT cheating. Cheating is videotaping and systematically cataloging your opponents plays, and possibly even stealing their playbooks.
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