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Default Re: A Few Observations from the Bills game...

Originally Posted by SteelersGirlTN7 View Post
One thing I noticed about the game, that I haven't seen anyone mention ...

on one of the Bills kick returns, their player clearly (so I think) stepped out of bounds, but nothing was done? CBS even replayed it a couple times, showing one foot step over the line.... what about this??

As for the dropsies, I like how Nate totally dropped one, and then Ben came right back to him and it was big gain! He did the same w/ Hines... but Hines is Hines lol.
I was impressed with Nate!!
Nate yes redeemed himself with that high nice catch he made and all the recievers did a great job. Willie powerful game i was impressed like always. Ben way to bounce back from the INT and bring us the win. Jeff Reed great FG but i want more kickoffs in the endzone. And Daniel Sepulveda great Great GREAT punts your underlooked but a very good punter. and finally the good old Steeler Defense stepping up to play hard and Physical over all B+ day great job and good luck! Go Steelers!
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