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Default Do the Steelers throw too many screens?

just about every time they throw to a back it's a screen play. you can almost sense when they are gonna do it. watching the bills game i said 3 times "it's gonna be a screen pass". i was right twice. and if i can sense it what about the other teams def? that one to parker almost backfired.

i wish they would throw more to willie but in the same way the chargers throw to l.t. or the eagles throw to westbrook. no linebacker can keep up with him. there's gotta be a way to get him 1 on 1 with a lb.

and i think they should run davenport inside the 5 yard line. willie is too small to plow into 1 or 2 guys and move them backwards. davenport runs through guys between the 20's so he should be able to do the same in close.

great start to the year so far, couldn't be more happy.
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