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Default Re: Woodley's (#56) Play In Harrison's Absence...

Woodley did decent... which is great for his experience in this system.

however, please, there is no way to compare him to the Timmons pick. Woodley has what, 3 months or so worth of practice and training over Timmons. Timmons has just been throwing in on ST's, because it is much easier to run a lane, keep the lane, and hit the ball carrier if he gets into the lane (Well, supposed to be, eh Cowher?). However, Timmons has shown some VERY good athleticism doing that. The question will be, will that translate into playing LB? probably. But we really won't know until next season.

In my GUESStimation though, I think we picked up two linebackers... and hear their names called for a number of years... in a good way!
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