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Default Re: A Few Observations from the Bills game...

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
On the Holmes pass that was intercepted, Heath appeared to be wide open, but the replay from a different angle showed that he had a DB or S converging from the outside. Still, given the two, I'd have preferred that he either hold the ball or attempt to hit the guy in single coverage.

I don't understand the non-call on the oob return. How did the LJ miss that? And Tomlin not flagging it is weird.
I understand that interception completely.

The Defense lined up in a cover-3 formation. I believe the center guy dropped down to cover a inside route. Ben then pumped to Ward, expecting the other safety to break on the ball. He didn't. The safety made a great play (probably watched some film from the previous week). It was a timing play on that safety. Pump and throw, catch the safety out of position, and let Holmes take the chances on a one-on-one.

It was just a heads up smart play by the Bills Safety. Give him the credit.

If Ben was guilty of anything, it was not calling in a different play when he saw the cover-3... then again, he may have thought that was the defense he wanted to free Holmes up for a bomb to the endzone.
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