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Default Re: New Year, New Ben Roethlisberger

Yep, interceptions happen, some are forced some by great defensive efforts. Every QB is going to throw his share of interceptions.

I have noticed something else about Ben, I'm not saying it's a big problem YET but I am a little concerned with it. I've noticed that he's showing signs of "happy feet" in the pocket. At times he's a little panicky. He's moving his feet around even when there's no presence of pressure. I believe that this has accounted for some of his inaccurate throws.

I just hope that he becomes more comfortable as the season progresses because signs of happy feet while under no duress is a bad sign.

Before you decide to bash me for the comment, do as I do, TIVO the game and study his footwork. The signs are there. I know what he's been through with the crash, the surgery, the thumb and the lack of protection from last years O-Line and I know that it takes time to recover from all of that so don't bother replying with that stuff. I'm just simply pointing out something that I'm a little concerned with.
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