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Default Buffalo Bills Poem

Last Sunday was our home opener game
Getting our 500th all time win was our aim

Our Steelers looked different in their throwback attire
If I said I like them I might be a liar

It doesn't matter what they wear as long as they win
We support our guys in whatever uniform they're in

Winning wouldn't be easy - the Bills were tougher than the Browns
But somehow we managed to keep getting first downs

Jeff Reed was money from wherever he would kick
With several field goals the score was adding up quick

It took us a while though to get in the end zone
Thanks to some dropped balls and calls that were blown

What game were the refs watching? I don't think it was ours
And it's becoming quite clear this team is no longer Bill Cowher's

Our tight ends have been allowed to show they are great receivers
And Ben is going to turn doubters back into believers

We also saw the Browns make the Steelers look great
Beating the Bengals - who we all love to hate

It's still early but we're 2-0 at the top of our division
If we keep up this play there will be no need for revision

Now as we move on to next week
Hopefully continuing our winning streak

Bring it on 49ers - and I will finish my poem
As we give you a loss and send you home!
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